Descentralized Ecossystem of On-demand Work

4º Round of Token Sale Is Live Until:

Minimum contribution to +10% bonus: 0.01 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH only

STAGE: +10%
U$39,553 U$100,000

Stages of Token Sale



15 January

from 00: 00


1º Round

19 February

from 00: 00



2º Round

26 February

from 00: 00


3º Round

5 March

from 00: 00


4º Round

12 March

from 00: 00

10% bonus included. Price valid until 18th of March 0:00 UTC

The New Work Experience

For future generations, self-employment will be the new career, services will be the new job, and crypto, the new currency. We from the Jubs platform through the utilitarian cryptocurrency Honor, we establish a new concept of work experience and informal career recognition, previously offered only by career paths of large centralized organizations

The Informal Linkedin

We break the limits of the formal labor market. Acting as an informal reputation validation system in a transparent, appropriate and immutable way, the Jubs platform allows you, as a professional, to have the opportunity to validate your informal experiences previously neglected by the traditional market

The Uber of the Services

As a client, you benefit by quickly finding trusted professionals within your own network of friends and region to outsource simple tasks or even to perform services that require qualification and complexity, with the assurance that the services will be executed with excellence or that you will have your money back

A Payment Hub

As customers, using the platform-integrated Jubs portfolio, we can pay for professional services in any crypto-currency, fiduciary currency, or up to 12x on the credit card. In the professional position, we receive the amount paid for spot work up to 3 business days after completion in Honor or cash

The Smart Contracts

Say goodbye to service frauds, late payments and false warranties. With Jubs, you can pre-define service contracts or informal jobs that act independently and transparently in a simple, fast and secure way, ensuring transactions and good relationships of trust between clients and professionals


Using their HONOR tokens, Jubs professionals can offer extended warranty


Through the rewards machine, professional Jubs are stimulated or punished according to their level of quality


Users with high reputation in the Jubs platform are remunerated to arbitrate possible conflicts between clients and professionals

The market

A growing opportunity of $ 50 + billions / year


Of young professionals entering the Latin American labor market


Unemployment rate among young people than among adult professionals


Self-employed professionals only in the US until the year of 2020


In growing market of crypto-currencies only in 2017

Our story




Formation of the Heterogeneous Team

Market and UX Study

Research & Development



Birth & Standardization

Release Jubs 1.0 Platform

Acceleration at Inovativa Brasil

Integration of the Jubs Wallet

HONOR token integration

Product Market Fit – First Subscribers



Token HONOR Initial Offer

Rewards Engine Implementation

Expansion Brazil – Marketing

Token HONOR in Exchanges Partners

Launch of 2.0 Jubs Platform

Blockchain-based TokenID implementation

Implementation of Contracts

Services Smart Contracts




Implementation of the Participants Court

Implementation of Civil Liability Insurance

Consolidation in the Brazilian Market

Instant Coin Conversion



Internationalization for Latin America

R & D in interaction with the Internet of Things

Expansion Marketing in Foreign Markets

Beginning of a New Cycle

Startup accelerated in 2017 by Brazil’s biggest accelerator

We are part of the Microsoft Startups Support Program

We are part of the startups community supported by FBStart

Jubs is located in the Brazilian Innovation Technology Park

Our team

Gustavo Reis

Founder and CEO of JUBS

Matheus Simas

Co-Founder and JUBS CMO

Elton Carvalho

Co-Founder and CTO of JUBS

Daniel Marques

FULL-STACK Blockchain of JUBS

Thiago Noronha

Juridical Advisor

Ewerton Ferreira

Investor Relations Advisor

Celso Satoshi Sakuraba

Technology & Research Advisor

Ricardo Lima

Head Comercial do JUBS

Roberto Pantoja

Marketing & Communications Advisor



Indirect Business Promoters


Indirect Business Promoters

Your Token HONOR

Supported by a robust platform that makes it increasingly valuable, growing in value proportionately as the platform grows

Token Sale start: 15 January 2018
End of Token Sale: 19 March 2018
Hardcap: USD 15 MI
Total Number of Tokens: HONR 100.000.000
Token Price: USD 0,15
Currency Accepted: ETH
Project Protocol: ETH, ERC 20
Token Distribution:

Return Routes For Their Holders


Through the tokens repurchase plan of the Jubs platform in partner exchanges as a fundamental part of the operation of the platform


You may use your tokens on the Jubs platform as hiring services of registered professionals or in assets related to your professional activity

Buy-back HONOR Monthly in Exchanges Partners

Professional Subscribers Active on the JUBS Platform


What is HONOR Coin?

HONOR coin (symbol: HONR) is a token based on Ethereum blockchain technology. It is the main feature in the new Jubs platform described in this project. Users who have HONOR can exchange them for contracting services, earn them on the Jubs platform, use them in additional services aimed at registered professionals or exchange them with fiduciary currencies in the partner exchanges

Is HONOR exchangeable?

The HONOR currencies purchased in the initial offer of the tokens are transferable once the token sale event ends

What is the price of HONOR?

The HONOR will be sold in a fixed ETH relationship with bonus periods as described on this page. The goal is to raise up to $ 15 million equivalent in ETH by selling 100 million HONOR tokens, which will determine the exchange rate and will be defined immediately before the implementation of the contract

Which crypto-currencies will be accepted in the contribution period?

Only ETH will be accepted in the initial offer of the HONOR token. You will be required to have an Ethereum wallet pointed at the token sale address to participate in the initial offer. HONOR is a token derived from Ethereum. If you have BTC or some other cryptographic currency, it may be exchanged for ETH on a third party to participate in the initial offer

When will the contribution period take place?

The initial offer will begin on a pre-sale basis next to 15’s January 2018 day. The exact day will depend on the completion of the contract and the completion of the full audit and may be changed by Jubs. The contract will be made available in the official public repository of Jubs, when finalized

How can I invest in HONOR tokens?

During the launch dates / contribution period, you can send your ETH to the smart contract that will be released soon to receive your HNR tokens automatically

Once you’ve submitted your ETH to our address, our smart contract will automatically calculate the amount of HNR tokens by sending them directly to your wallet. To provide maximum security and efficiency, all transactions are carried out under smart contracts from the Ethereum network

* ONLY send ETH from ERC20 compatible portfolios like MyEtherWallet, Mist, Metamask or Parity. DO NOT send from exchanges like CoinBase or Poloniex because you will lose your funds

* By submitting your ETH to Jubs, you confirm that you have read and agree to the HONOR token Terms and Conditions of Sale

What is the collection goal?

We are looking for a fundraising of up to $ 15 millions

Why is HONOR a token utility?

According to the Howie test, any token that has a utility function on a platform and investors or buyers do not earn rewards or interest only by investing in the token is considered a utility token

The HONOR currency should be used by employers on the platform to hire and receive work. HONOR coin has a utility function within our platform

Is there a minimum collection goal or repayment plan?

The project of decentralization and implementation of the token Honor will be carried out and implemented in the Jubs platform according to the script established by Jubs independent of the amount collected in the initial sale of the tokens

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1.0 platform available!

Try our free beta version available on the Play Store by clicking the button below:
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1.0 platform available!

Try our free beta version available on the Play Store by clicking the button below:
Disponível na GOOGLE PLAYJubs Arrow

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